I’m not always available for your wedding date..

So, I wanted to make sure you still got the BEST experience EVER.


Meet Jenni

Jenni is an avid traveler and is always up for

adventure! She just got engaged herself, and is

so excited to have an intimate wedding filled with

family and friends in 2019. This sweet pea loves

snuggling her two cats and fiancé and has a

weakness for shooting weddings for couples who

are madly in love!


Meet Megan

Megan went to UNI with me, and majored in

Graphic Design and photo! She finally found her

passion in wedding photography after I shot her

wedding last April! (How SWEET right?) She

loves hanging out with her hubby and two pups +

kitty on the regular and is a super cute little spit

fire who is super passionate about capturing love!

Both of these boss babes are passionate and committed to giving you the BEST experience you can have on your wedding day while working for the GTP brand. All of their work is edited to specifically have Grace T. Photography’s style, so your images will be exactly what you would receive from me, personally.