Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been shooting?

I shot my first wedding in college when I was 20, and have been shooting ever since! I have 6 years of experience and counting.

Do you photograph families and babies?

Right now, my main focus is photographing couples celebrating their love with elopements, weddings, and couples sessions. I love to photograph MY OWN baby, but that’s as far as I’ll go! Since I am really great at photographing love between two people, I would rather thrive in that area than be a jack of all trades and be just okay in every avenue of photography.

Do you travel to shoot engagements and weddings? Where are you based out of?

I am based in the Midwest #midwestisbest but I am all about exploring the world that we live in. I have shot weddings/engagements in South Padre, TX, Punta Cana in the Dominican, Southern California, Colorado, Iceland, Ireland, and Hawaii! My sweet spot is taking 3-5 destinations a year, so if you’re planning a wedding or elopement getaway, reach out ASAP to book with me!


What's included in your wedding packages?

I offer a few different packages depending on your needs for your big day. Most all collections include me as your head shooter (except for the associate package), a complimentary hour engagement session, and an online gallery to share with family and friends. If you'd like more or less, there are options to customize your wedding day coverage as well.

What is an associate?

Sometimes I’m already booked for your wedding day when you reach out, and this was happening so often that I wanted to make sure that if you wanted the same experience from someone who I trusted would do an amazing job, that you could have it. I’ve hired two badass babes who are super passionate about giving you an amazing experience under my brand to shoot your engagements and weddings. All photos they take will be edited the way I edit, and I’ve given them the juicy secrets on how to shoot the way I shoot as well.

When will we see our gorgeous images?

For all small shoots and engagement sessions, they will be back to you in 2-3 weeks or less. For your wedding day, your online gallery will be sent to you in 6 weeks or less.

How many images do we get?

It definitely varies from each package that I offer and how the day goes. For small shoots and engagements/adventure sessions it will be around 100, and for weddings it’s between 600-800. Just know that I promise to give you your memories captured in all of the best ways possible in your final gallery.

Can anyone else take photos while you're taking photos?

I’d absolutely love if you looked into having an “unplugged” wedding. I totally get that Uncle Bob and Aunt Sharron both have super nice cameras and LOVE to take photos at every family event, however if I am worrying about someone shooting behind me or over my shoulder, I won’t be giving YOU my full attention. You can let your family members know that they’ll have access to the gallery once I send it to you, and they are more than welcome to download any of the photos I take.

We LOVE to post on Instagram, can we do that with the photos you take?

TOTALLY. I want you guys to post EVERY SINGLE PHOTO I TAKE that makes you get all the butterflies in your tum when you look at them. BUT, I would love it if you refrained from putting filters on them, editing over them, and not tagging me in the post! I work SUPER DUPER hard on your photos to make sure they are edited to perfection and when you put your own spin on it, it breaks my heart! So please don’t break my heart. :)