Let’s face it, we all start out a little unsure of ourselves and scared of jumping into this crazy photography world headfirst. I can distinctly remember when I felt the EXACT same way, and with these mentor sessions, I want to help you bring confidence to the table. I value knowledge and photographers who pass it down to others who need a little nudge in the right direction. My intention is that you find your passion, just like I did so many years ago and build that confidence within yourself to get working toward perfecting your dream job.

Coffee Date Session : $350

- This is a simple 1.5 hour session where you can ask me ANYTHING. Literally. Nothing is off the table! Come prepared with questions and topics you’d like to chat about! Topics can include business + marketing strategy, being authentic in your brand, shooting, posing, and editing! This can also be a Skype/FaceTime session!

3 Hour Mentor Session : $550

- This includes a 1.5 hour Q&A! Come prepared with questions to ask! You can ask anything concerning, editing, posing, creating a connection with your couple, and marketing and business strategy.
- We’ll have a shoot! This is where you get to dive in and practice what I preached! ;) Be prepared to come out of your comfort zone with couples and try new things!
- We’ll come back to edit together and go over editing, how to back your images up, and how to organize your shoots!


I am SO excited to pass on my education and knowledge about how I do what I do! These sessions are custom to YOU and what YOU want to learn and I do not intend to teach you off of slide shows or power points. It's going to get deep and we are going to find your WHY, so come into the session with an open mind and heart. And just remember, I am STILL learning! It’s crazy to me that people look up to me and think I have it all together, but we are all in it together!



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