two months old

Month Two with Pfeiffer Grey

Two whole months. TWO WHOLE MONTHS with our sweet little babe. Well, she isn’t SO little anymore, she’s up to 11 lbs now, and has grown 2.5 inches! I can’t believe how big she’s getting so quickly, and I swear I pick her up weekly and say “WOW you’re heavier,” or “Oh my gosh your head is getting bigger!”

This month also had it’s ups and downs, with Pfeif meeting all of her cousins at our (late) family Christmas, her getting RSV and then giving a cold to me, and us finally getting more comfortable with taking her out and about (not just to Target) and adjusting to our new normal.


Ugh. This broke my heart. RSV is so scary, and since she hadn’t been around a ton of people, she may have caught the bug at our family Christmas since there were lots of people and lots of germs. RSV was something I knew was detrimental to a baby’s health and could end up in hospitalization. Thankfully, we did not have to go to the hospital, but it was extremely close. It is the WORST thing in the world seeing your baby in pain and sick. She sounded more stuffed up than usual, but it kept getting worse and worse, and then you could hear it in her lungs and she developed a cough. We had to suck her nose and sinuses out every time she ate (traumatic), and she slept upright on our chests in her rocking chair. Sooo we got absolutely no sleep for a week while it was in the worst stages, but we are so thankful she turned the corner for good after about a week and we didn’t have to head to the hospital per doctor’s order. She’s now back to good health and sassy as ever.


This month she has grown in SO many ways and it’s been the most incredible thing to watch. She went from not really being entertained with toys because you could tell her vision wasn’t developed that far yet, to fully swatting toys and talking back to us when we talk to her. She’s SO smiley when you have a conversation with her, and smiles the most when we say “I love you.” I also swear that she said it back to me one day while we were chatting, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt love so deeply in my life! She’s almost doubled her body weight from birth (this girl likes to EAT) and she is finally filling out and getting the cutest chubby thighs and double chin! You can tell she recognizes our faces from everyone else’s, and knows that we’re mom and dad. She is completely out of newborn clothing, and was in 0-3 month clothing for about two weeks! She’s now in 3 month, and I’m seriously wondering where she’s getting her length since Kyle and I aren’t the tallest couple. She’s finally sleeping in 6-7 hour stretches, and we’re getting up only once a night to feed her, but she likes to make it a little long sometimes and just sit and chat with us at 3AM.


Haakaa: I LOVE my Haakaa. Instead of wasting milk during a let down on the opposite side you’re feeding on, you just stick the Haakaa on and it collects milk from your let down and even pulls a little more, too! I usually get about 1-3 oz depending on how full I am, but it’s so nice to have because every ounce counts!

The NoseFrida: This was ESSENTIAL in getting Pfeif healthy when she was sick. We also used the bulb, but didn’t feel like it got as much, and felt like it wasn’t as comfortable for her. I was so grossed out by the Frida before she was sick, but I got over that pretty quickly knowing that it was one of the only things that would help her get better. We use it on a daily basis too with a little saline spray just to clear her nasal passageways before bed!

A Play Gym: I don’t have this linked because we are borrowing our play gym from some friends, but I highly suggest investing in one if you can’t borrow one! Pfeif REALLY loves laying under her hanging toys and batting at them and listening to the music it plays. I can set her down for 15-20 minutes and she can play all by herself!

Baby Wrap: I bought a Wildbird sling before Pfeif was born hoping she’d love it, but she doesn’t totally love how the sling isn’t stretchy. The fabric doesn’t allow a ton of movement, and that’s why she prefers her baby wrap! I LOVE shopping on Amazon, so I found this cute striped one and since it was $30, I bought it ASAP and she loves being chest to chest with me wrapped up in there sung as a bug. We’re trying to get her used to it since I’ll be carrying her the whole time we’ll be traveling to Hawaii!


I am feeling more and more like myself. I will say, it took a good 6-7 weeks to be able to finally feel like me again. I can zip up my pre-pregnancy jeans (sitting is another story) and I’m back to my normal weight. Sitting inside this winter has made me a little stir crazy, and I am itching to get outside in nice weather to be a little more active. I signed up for yoga, and am going 2-3 times a week to build my strength back up and to give Pfeif some one on one time with daddy. I am super motivated to be the healthiest version of me (all while still eating ice cream on the daily) but I am looking at this as a blank slate, and I get to shape ME however I want to. It’s been a journey navigating my changing body all the way from my first trimester until postpartum. I used to struggle with body dysmorphia for years, so gaining and losing 25 pounds in one year hasn’t been the easiest. But, I will say that I’m not as concerned about what my body looks like and I’m not as concentrated on that anymore. I have a new appreciation for just how much my body can do now. I mean, I GREW a human and am now feeding her all with my body. So incredible.


Overall, this month was a trying one with Pfeif being sick, but it was amazing to watch her learn and grow despite that! We are prepping for traveling to Hawaii with her in a few short weeks (I can’t believe it’s almost here!) and we are just excited to integrate her even more into one of the things we love to do most: travel. We’ve gotten a lot of slack from family to strangers telling us how hard it is to travel with kids, but our outlook has always been that we are going to take her with us wherever we go. Even before babies, we knew we wanted to give our kids the world by showing it to them.

I’m still doing my best trying to soak up all the baby cuddles during the week when it’s just me and her, and not be so anxious to answer emails or post on Instagram. I know soon enough she’ll be moving and grooving and it won’t be so easy to snuggle up with her in her rocking chair! We literally look at her and tell each other how cute she is about 50 times a day, and some days we still can’t believe she’s ours.