Month Four with Pfeiffer Grey

I feel like for the rest of my life I am going to say that the past month FLEW by! Seriously, it really did. Pfeiffer has grown SO MUCH and before, I thought I saw the most growth from 2 to 3 months, but WOW, from 3 to 4 months was insane. I swear she gained like 3 lbs. She’s now around 15 lbs (we officially have her appointment tomorrow to see) and she’s definitely longer. We traveled to Hawaii with her (and don’t worry, there will definitely be a blog post about that) and I think the sunshine and warm weather made her sprout!


We’re doing great! Pfeif is sleeping through the night, and I recently stopped getting up in the middle of the night to pump (YAY to a full nights sleep FINALLY) so I am feeling a whole lot more rested. Before Hawaii, she was still in her bassinet in our room, but she has officially moved to her own room in her big girl crib. She is doing AWESOME, too. About 4-6 weeks ago we started doing naps in her crib, so she was familar with the space, and she was still sleeping in her snuggle-me then, but now we’ve fully removed it and she does so well. We are getting more adventurous with her in terms of taking her out when we are out and about, running errands with her, and just getting outside. This warm weather is heavenly, and it’s been nice to go for walks and not be cooped up inside. She LOVES to read books too, and will sit and touch the pages while you read her the whole thing.


She has progressed SO MUCH. She is so chatty, and loves to giggle with dad. She did her first big belly laugh at mamma but dad is the one who makes her laugh all the time. She learned to really splash in the tub and loves bath time, and she can fully grab toys and put them in her mouth. She loves to chomp on her fingers and hands and we swear she’s teething some days. She loves to pull Kyle’s beard and grab and pinch my face, and is such a smiley girl. We can’t swaddle her when she sleeps anymore because she’s on the verge of rolling over. It hasn’t happened YET, but it probably will soon!

How was Traveling with a baby?

To be honest, I was so scared to travel with her. SO many things up in the air like sickness, would she scream the entire 6 hour plane ride, would it be hard to do things with her once we got there? And honestly, it was awesome! I’ll definitely write a more in depth post about it, but she did really great on the planes except for ONE time she didn’t want to nurse while we were taking off, but she also did great once we got there, too. I fed her in public a lot and I think that’s helped me become more comfortable with it because I was basically forced to do it if we were out and about all day. There is a LOT more “stuff” you have to pack with a baby, and sometimes it felt overwhelming, but we stayed next to a Target just in case we forgot something. She loved Hawaii, and we will definitely be back when she’s a little older and can enjoy the beach and sun!

4 months! It makes me happy and sad all at the same time! It’s inching closer to 6 months which means halfway to 1 and oh my goshhhh time can slow down any day now! I am just in awe over how much she’s changed and just so quickly. I’m very excited for summer and for her to experience things like touching grass, getting in a pool, and lots of trips to both grandparents houses. I keep trying to snapshot moments with her like when she rests her hand on top of mine when she’s falling asleep, or when she open mouth smiles when I pick her up after she wakes up from a nap. I’m so excited for so many more upcoming milestones, and lots more traveling this year!