Kassidy & Cory :: Day After Shoot Maui, Hawaii

After the hustle and bustle of the best wedding day on Maui, Hawaii, I asked these two cuties if they would want to do a sunrise session the next day. And they said "OF COURSE!"

This session started out AMAZING, and didn't end up as expected. We walked the beach and Cory and Kassidy had ONE thing they really wanted to do, and that was to jump off Black Rock in their wedding clothes - and they sure as Heck did! We started the session gazing out into the waves and rising sun, and then climbed some rocks so they could dive into the ocean!

THE END of this session wasn't expected because... right after Cory and Kassidy jumped off, my husband wanted to take the leap, too. Cory scaled the rocks back up after jumping in, and my husband tried to do the same instead of swimming back to shore like Kassidy did. Little did he know, there were TONS and TONS of sea urchins posted up in those rocks, and Cory was lucky enough to miss them, but my husband wasn't so lucky! He stepped on quite a few, and Cory came to the rescue (he's a firefighter) and carried my hubby on his back back to the beach over the sharp and steep rocks. Kyle had a limp for a few days, but all is fine now 2 months later back in Des Moines, IA!

Just a heads up, there's a pic of Kyle's foot at the end of this post, and it's gnarly!

Get ready for a foot pic!

Annnnnddd an hour later, he was fine. ;)