Kyle and I's Cozy Cuddly In-Home Session in Beaverdale, Des Moines, IA

Do you ever forget about something last minute and then SCRAMBLE to put something together? C'mon, we all forgot about our science project until the day before one time and made our mom and dad help us throw something together. WELL, this was Christmas cards for me this year. I had PLANNED to do something super cute like an in-home cuddle session about a month before Christmas, but, life happens and I took these about a week before LOL.

I wanted to shoot something that represented "US." And yes, I took all of these! I wanted to do an in-home session in our cute little Beaverdale brick home in Des Moines, IA, because this little house means so much to us. This is where we say "I love you," before falling asleep at night. This is where we cuddle to watch scary movies. This is a house that we made a home (and are STILL continuing to make ours one little project at a time.)

I think taking photos like this is something everyone needs to do. Get a session done just because you want to. There doesn't HAVE to be a special occasion to get photos done! I think that it's normal to get engagement, wedding, maternity, family photos done and we are programmed to think that those are all we need! BUT, why not get an adventure session done when you travel? Why not get some done in your living room that you spend so much time in? Why not get some done just to look back on in 10 or even 20 years to show your grand babies just how in love you were?

OK ok, here's some super cute cuddly photos of my hubby and I for you to peep at!