cannon beach elopement

A Sweet Seaside Anniversary Session Elopement at Ecola State Park

Kaylee and Jordan reached out to me when I posted on Instagram that I was going to be on the west coast traveling from Seattle down to Cannon Beach and into Portland. I wasn’t open for their wedding last year, so they wanted to set up a little anniversary session with epic views. We chose Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach and went on the best adventure EVER.

Kaylee wanted to slip her wedding dress back on for the first half of the session, and I was SO FREAKING HAPPY about it! Hint: if you ever want to pout your wedding gear back on, I’m ALL for it. My husband and I spent all day scoping out locations and I was a little nervous it would be raining (LOL of course in the PNW) and we had to hop on over to this seriously gorgeous view with Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock in the background. We made our way into the forest with moss covered trees and ferns covering the ground and ended on the beach with a fallen tree as our playground.

I wanted to take this time to talk about ELOPING!

When I talk to couples who’ve gotten married, eloping as an option of their wedding day usually gets brought up. And MOST couples (about 90%) say they wish they would have eloped with a small group of family or friends beside them. OR they say they wish they would have just jet-setted and had it been the two of them!

Here’s the thing, if you’re craving a smaller get together, don’t want the huge party or all the guests, or even just want to cut the cost, eloping is a surefire way to do that. Don’t know where to elope? Have your photographer help you! Trust me, when I have a couple come to me and ask for help, I do a TON of research on where the best spots are in the place they want to elope. I help with flowers and makeup suggestions if my bride wants them, and you bet I have a million different suggestions on your dress if you don’t want to drop thousands and thousands but still look like a million bucks!

You’ll definitely save money when eloping. Yes, you might have to fly to get there and get a hotel or Airbnb, but think about this: you’ll be saving SO much by not feeding (and taking care of the bar tab for) 300+ people. You don’t HAVE to have a $5,000 dress, you don’t HAVE to spend that same amount on flowers, and you don’t have to rent a venue! You can elope on a mountain top outside with the peaks behind you and then head back to your Airbnb for dinner, drinks and dancing.

What do you think? Would you elope on a cliff side with just the two of you? Go take a peek at Kaylee and Jordan’s anniversary elopement session!