Liz & Mitch Ireland Wedding

Liz & Mitch's Destination Wedding in Ireland + The Cliffs of Moher

Liz & Mitch came to me by fate. Well, it sure seemed like it.

Mitch’s sister was my high school science teacher, and when Mitch proposed to Liz and they said they wanted to plan a wedding in Ireland, his sister Reagan suggested they reach out to me (forever grateful for that, Reagan!) since she had seen that I had been to Ireland before. I about cried when they asked if Kyle and I would want to tag along on their family’s vacation to document it as well as shoot their destination wedding day for a week in one of the best places on earth: Ireland.

These two have a funny story; they have actually known each other since high school, but never looked at each other in that way until later in their college years. It wasn’t even until after college that they finally reconnected and stole each other’s hearts. Imagine knowing someone for basically most of your life, being friends, and then finally falling head over heels for each other. Their story should totally be a romantic comedy. Comedy: mainly because these two could not stop laughing with each other the entire time and I swear to the Lord above I have never seen two people “Ice” each other more than I saw these two do it in the course of 5 days. SWEAR, I think Mitch chugged a whole 6-pack on the wedding day.

SO, Kyle and I arrived in Dublin on Monday of that week, and headed across Ireland to Killarney to meet the whole group over on the Ring of Kerry. We hopped on the tour bus with them and their friends and family, and took these gorgeous first few photos.

The next day we were on our way to Killaloe, Ireland to where the wedding was taking place at the Annacarriga Estate. We had the day to explore the property and the rehearsal dinner was that night, filled with Irish traditional foods like cabbage and bacon, fish and chips, and beef stew.. AND of course a Guinness. I was 20 weeks pregnant then, so unfortunately I couldn’t partake in the beer and whiskey drinking! But if you scroll far enough, you’ll see a cute little family pic of Kyle and I on the wedding day!

This destination wedding day was literally the perfect day. We were worried it was going to rain all day (because: Ireland), and it did rain that morning, but then the skies cleared when we were supposed to take photos and it was a gorgeous sunny day. You could tell just how much their friends and family loved them because tears were dropping left and right that day. From getting ready, to speeches, to hugs at the end of the night, this whole group LOVED hard. And I was LIVING for it. Seriously, there is nothing more amazing to me than being able to capture all of those raw moments for these two and everyone else there. Liz and Mitch opted not to see each other before the ceremony, and it was one of those moments that took your breath away - you’ll see! Just scroll down! And there was not a dry eye in the crowd! After the ceremony, the newlyweds wanted a few minutes alone, but then Mitch came running and told me to come quick with my camera. Two of the sweetest Irish men who owned a boat on the lake that Annacarriga Resort was on, asked if Liz and Mitch wanted a ride on the boat to celebrate their marriage! We all said HELL YES and hopped in with some champagne!

The night went flawlessly filled with the most delicious dinner, traditional Irish dancers, and more booty poppin’ than I’ve ever seen.

The day after the wedding, we hopped on the bus and headed to the Cliffs of Moher for their day-after shoot. This, my friends, was incredible. The Cliffs of Moher is one of my favorite places on earth. It’s so incredible and absolutely breathtaking and I am kind of still in shock that I got to shoot one of my bride and grooms there. We hiked the right side of the Cliffs and it was VERY busy that day since the sun was shining. Liz and Mitch were in their wedding gear, and it was really something special to hear everyone they passed saying congratulations on their marriage! These are some of the most incredible shots I’ve taken, so totes enjoy them!

After the Cliffs, we headed up to Galway - one of Liz and Mitch’s favorite places - and we got to go to their favorite little seafood spot (SO sad I couldn’t eat the oysters) and caught the sunset for some photos. Ireland even blessed us with a rainbow, too! That’s like good luck for life, right?!

OK. That was just a snippet of what our trip was like there, now go SEE it below and see why Ireland is one of my most favorite places on earth! We are so thankful for this couple and their friends and family taking Kyle and I in like we had known them for years, and this was truly one of the best trips I’ve been on. I am SO happy I got to be there to capture this “best week ever” for them!