5 things you should do when you get your gallery back

5 Things You Should Do When You Get Your Gallery Back

OKAY. So you’ve been patiently (probably anxiously) waiting to get your gorgeous photos back, and you’re SO excited you can’t even wait. And then you hear a little DING DING notification and you check your email and you see that email from your photographer that you’ve been waiting for!! You open it immediately and look through, downloading your favorites and posting ASAP to Insta and Facebook. Your family and friends love them just as much as you. You loved your day so much and you can’t wait to print them and hang them up. Sounds like a dream, right? But, did you forget some things? Here are 5 things you should do when you get your gallery back!

1.) Just say thanks! Speaking for photographers, we LOVE that you immediately want to post your photos everywhere, BUT, we also LOVE hearing back from you after we send off those precious little files that we’ve spent SO much time and energy on. Just hearing a thank you or getting a sweet little note back can make our entire week! When you don’t respond (which, we get it, you’ve probably hopped on a plane to Fiji for your honeymoon and have to get back to work when you get home) we get a little sad and just hope and pray that you love what we did.

2.) Download ALL of your files! I ALWAYS tell my couples to download the entire gallery, and not JUST your favorites. This ensures that you have all of the files safely backed up, just in case you lose the email or something! We actually don’t end up keeping your files forever and ever, too, so it’s always nice to make sure you download them ASAP so you don’t have to worry about that later on!

3.) Set aside an hour or two to look through them with your boo with no interruptions. I HIGHLY recommend doing this. Turn off your TV, set your phones aside and give your full attention to your gallery so you can relive that day again with each other. And I KNOW it’s so hard to not peek through if I send you your gallery mid day, but wait until you can both experience looking through the images together so you can reminisce side by side!

4.) SHARE THEM (and tag us when you do!) We LOVE when you share our photos. So, post them ALL OVER social media (no filters or editing please!) And because so many of your friends and family see your photos, they might want to know who took them, so it’s always so nice when my couples tag me so no one is wondering who took your beautiful wedding photos.

5.) If you want to go the extra mile, write a review if you loved your experience! Reviews help us SO MUCH. They are one of the ways we book more clients, and you sharing your positive experience can help us in so many ways! It doesn’t have to be pages and pages long, just a little diddy about what you loved about working with us! If you’ve ever worked with me, I’d LOVE to hear from you HERE!

I hope this helps if you were wondering what to do when you get your gallery back!