Month one with Pfeiffer Grey

A little late (I feel like this might be my new saying) but our first month with Pfeiffer Grey FLEW by. Seriously, I blinked and she was two months old. Month one was all bliss and a lot of tears, too. We are so head over heels for our sweet baby girl, and we now can’t imagine life without her. The first month was definitely raw and real and it’s crazy to see how much she’s grown since then. I haven’t stopped taking photos and videos of her daily, because I want to remember her at every single stage of her life. SO many people told me the newborn stage flies by, and you don’t really understand how quickly it does until you’re packing away all of those little newborn clothes (and totally crying while doing it).

So here’s the quickest summary of our first month:


The best way I can describe it is like riding on a cloud but sometimes it gets a little stormy. We were in heaven bringing her home from the hospital, and all I could think about was how in the heck we were going to just plop her into our lives like she had been living there all along. She fit right in, though and we loved all the snuggly cuddles we got with our tiny baby girl (6 lbs 2 oz!). The first week my parents stayed with us and were literal angels and did all the cooking, cleaning, and laundry and even rocked Pfeif to sleep at 2AM when she had her days and nights mixed up to give us a couple hours of sleep. We couldn’t believe she was ours and would just stare at her in those wee morning hours telling each other how beautiful and absolutely perfect she was. But with those sweet little moments came some hard breaks! I’m not going to lie, breastfeeding was hard. When my milk came in, it was super uncomfortable and I felt like I was attached to either my baby or my pump. Annnnd that lead to the dreaded M-word. Yep. On my fourth week, I got mastitis. I knew mastitis was bad and that I didn’t want to get it, but I didn’t know just how bad it was until I got it. AND to top it off, I got it the night before I was shooting my first wedding of 2019. Thankfully, I had Kyle and my associate Jenni there to step in when I needed a break, and to be honest, I shouldn’t have shot at all but I wanted to be there for my couple. That took a good week and a half to recover from with lots of antibiotics, heat compression, and tears. SO, it was definitely a bumpy ride with really high highs and some super low lows.


Snuggle Me Organic: We absolutely LOVE our Snuggle Me. Pfeif love love loves to be cuddled up, so this was a perfect place to put her when we wanted to eat dinner, or just wanted to give our arms a break from holding her (which was like, never.) This cushy pillow is so snuggly and it makes Pfeif feel like we are still holding her, so she can stay fast asleep while she’s in there. We chose this over the Doc-a-tot because it looked a lot cozier, and just a little more plush.

Our Rocking Chair: I knew I wanted a comfortable rocking chair that could swivel and recline, and I found the perfect one on Wayfair! In fact, I loved it SO much, that I bought two. :) We have one in her room, and one in the living room since her room is upstairs. I will say that this is probably one of the best investments I’ve made, just to have a rocker on both levels of the house. It’s so comfy, and I’ve definitely fallen asleep in there once or twice.

Mebie Swaddles: We love these swaddles because they are stretchy and soft fabric, so Pfeif can move a little more freely (she doesn’t love her arms being swaddled) while still being wrapped up. They come in the cutest neutral colors, and they ALSO have some really cute clothes.

Ryan And Rose Pacis: Not going to lie, Kyle totally bought these! He found them and bought them before Pfeif was born, and we thought they were super cute and not your typical bright colored paci. Pfeif had a hard time keeping the Soothie in her mouth, and we found that the Ryan and Rose pacis were a bit thinner, so she could keep it in more easily.


We have an easy baby. Don’t hate me for saying that! The older she gets, we do see more of a strong, independent personality come through, but the first month she slept well, never really cried unless she wanted food NOW, and besides being a little congested coming out of the womb, we didn’t really have a lot to worry about. Now, I am totally knocking on wood as I type this that this continues, and hopefully I’m not jinxing myself! Looking back, I TOTALLY wish I would have slept more when she was sleeping during the day (she was taking longer naps) but I would just hold her and stare at her - it’s so hard not to do!

People giving their unsolicited advice was another thing that totally surprised us. I definitely thought I got a lot of it while I was pregnant, but MAN, I had no idea how many people have an opinion about literally everything baby related. We got bombarded with messages about her sleeping situation, her skin (she had not so great baby acne,) breastfeeding, and so much more all within the first week. It was overwhelming. And not all of these messages were uplifting or nice. There were some days I would just leave my phone upstairs by my bed and not look at it all day just to escape the criticism. So a little word of advice for literally everyone: DO NOT give your opinion or advice unless it’s asked of you. It was hard enough being a new mom and trying to manage that, while also trying to manage advice from hundreds of thousands of people on the internet.


I WILL say that I did get a lot of love and encouragement from other mammas when it came to my body. It’s a really weird feeling, feeling all of your organs slowly start to move back to where they were and your soft squishy tummy slowly start to regain strength. I still couldn’t fit into my pre-preg jeans at the end of month one, but my maternity jeans were getting a bit loose. Leggings for the win! I had no desire to work out AT ALL, but we did go on a couple walks since the weather was so nice around week 2-3. I am missing that 45-50 degrees SO MUCH right now and can’t wait for Spring to go on more walks! I gained around 25 pounds during my pregnancy, and while I didn’t work out all that much while pregnant, I still walked about 2 miles 3-4x a week and called it good. I still had about 5-7 lbs left to lose to get back to my pre-preg weight, but I was in no rush, nor was I trying to lose it ASAP. Breastfeeding and also getting used to someone needing you 24/7 helped drop the initial pounds, but right now I am doing yoga to build my strength back up.


Month one was overall pretty blissful despite mastitis and hormones making me cry 24/7. We seriously can’t believe how quickly it flew by, and I totally cried packing all of her tiny Christmas newborn clothes away. We are so much in love with our sweet baby girl, and we’re definitely excited for all the adventures coming up soon! Stay tuned for month two’s recap coming SOON!