Month Three with Pfeiffer Grey

3 months down! This month felt like it FLEW by. I kept telling Kyle that I feel like all of our months are going to do this now! Pfeif is definitely seeing farther distances, loves to smile at mom and coo at dad, and has started grabbing… EVERYTHING. Hair, toys, her hands, you name it. She found her hands and they go directly to her mouth and she chomp chomp chomps on them! We totally think she’s showing early signs of teething because of this!


We’re all functioning a little better now that we’re all sleeping a bit more. Pfeif is sleeping an average of 6-8 hours a night, and I do still have to pump at night, but only once! She loves hopping in bed with mom and dad to snuggle in the mornings and we can’t say we don’t love the snuggles either. She has pulled a couple of 10 hour sleeping stretches (mostly at Grandma & Grandpa’s house) and we’re happy that she’s loving sleep.


Hatch Baby Rest: Pfeif LOVES falling asleep to white noise, and we were gifted the Hatch at one of our showers and it’s been amazing. You can even control it from your phone: the brightness of the light, which noise it’s making, and how loud it is. You can also set it on a timer to turn on a specific sound either whenever you want, and I’ve heard of a lot of people using it to gently wake their babies/kids in the morning so we’ll be excited to try that once she’s in her crib in her own room!

Tubby Todd Products: THESE ARE MY FAVORITE. I kept seeing everyone use these products and of course it was targeting me in Instagram, so I bit the bullet (they are a little pricey) and ordered the newborn pack to try. These lotions make Pfeif’s dry skin so smooth - she’s been dry since she came out of the womb - and there is an ointment that literally takes care of any rash or bump overnight. I highly recommend!

Hot To Go Reusable Heat Packs: These heat packs are amazing. My sister recommended them after I got mastitis, and I’ve been using them more because I’ve been getting clogs when I work out. The great thing is that you just snap the little metal disc inside, they heat up, and when you’re done, you can boil them again to reuse them instead of throwing them away. AND I’m sure they’ll make great hand warmers when I’m not sticking them in my bra. ;)


I can just tell there was a huge difference between her second month and this one in terms of how active and alert she is. She actually was reaching for her toys when playing, and batting them around, too. She also surprised us a lot and slept 10 hours through the night! She’s as chatty as ever and we keep seeing more of her personality come through each and every day. She’s officially grown out of 0-3 month clothing, and has been getting quite the chubby cheeks and thighs!