Baby Trout :: The First Trimester

Kyle and I always knew that we wanted to film our families reactions when we told them that we were expecting. I REALLY wanted to film Kyle's initial reaction (I had something super cute planned) but I was just SO excited that I threw the plan to the wind and ran downstairs with the pregnancy test in hand and tears in my eyes to tell him that our little babe was growing inside me. Here's the video we put together!

*cue tears*

Right?! It was so much fun surprising everyone, and I almost wish we would have gotten all of our friends reactions, too!

first tri.jpg

Here are some things I've learned in the first trimester:

- Cravings are real, eat your cravings. I craved SUGAR like it was my job. All I wanted was ice cream, chocolate, candy, and fruit. There were a few weird ones here and there like mashed potatoes and lasagna when it was 98 degrees out, but other than that, sugar has been the driving force! I do miss Jimmy Johns #12, a lot, though!

- Working out (hard) is NOT essential during your first tri. I tried REALLY hard to keep up with my regular workouts until about week 7, but with the constant cramping, the non stop tiredness, and my body just wanting to rest, I let it go for a bit and just took up walking! Your body (and baby) will tell you when enough is enough, and pushing yourself too far is actually pretty scary. You become A LOT more aware of how your body is feeling when you know another being is living inside of you and YOU are the only one to keep them safe.

- REST IS YOUR BFF. For real. I cannot even begin to describe how tired you are during those first 13 weeks. I could have honestly taken a 2-3 hour nap on the daily, and sometimes I did! Naps on naps on naps!

- Keeping it all a secret was really hard! We waited until about 10 weeks to start telling friends, and finally got to announce it to the world at 13 weeks. It was way hard to make up excuses to not go get drinks, or to tell everyone I wasn't feeling great (which was party true) so I could leave early. I think we pulled it off though, since everyone was so surprised!

- Your body changes, and that's okay! The first trimester is hard for so many reasons, but seeing your body change and you still don't reaaaalllyy feel pregnant yet can be frustrating. I immediately did not fit into my jeans, and it got hard to find things to wear all the time! But, body changes are normal, and the little babe needs your body to change like that! I will say it feels so much better with a bump, now!

- Pregnancy hanger is REAL. There have been a few times where shoots run late, or I don't pack snacks and it's late and we have no food in the house and I turn into a scary bear. Pack snacks ALWAYS, and especially when shooting weddings!

- There's nothing sweeter than looking back and seeing that bump grow. Take pics. Take lots of them for you to look back on because I already feel like this time is flying by so fast!

The first video is from the day we found out, we got coffee and breakfast that day, and went to the Art Center and just hung out. We were later just sitting on the couch together when I got the itch to take a test and see if it was positive!

Sometimes it still doesn't feel real that I have a baby growing inside of me and that the love of my life is the baby's dad and we get to grow our little family together soon! I am so excited to take our babe on trips and explore and just make our life everything we've been dreaming about since we first started thinking about the possibility of Baby Trout. AND it makes it so much more exciting now that I'm starting to feel little pitter patters in my tummy at 19 weeks.

Okay, let me know, you totally cried when my mom did, right?? I knew it!