Baby Trout :: Coming December 23rd

Can I be honest? I was so scared to be pregnant. I was so scared to carry a little life and put my business on the back burner. For the longest time, whenever someone would ask me if Kyle and I were ever going to have babies, I would respond, "My business is my baby!" And this was completely true. I've poured my heart and soul into this little business since college and it's grown into something that I am SO damn proud of. But to put all of my effort into something other than that, really REALLY made my anxiety soar and my worry wart mind wander. Would people still take me seriously with a baby? Would my clients cancel on me? Would it all work out how we envisioned it happening?


When Kyle and I first started dating, we fell in love fast. And I mean FAST. I knew before we were even officially dating that I would spend the rest of my life with this guy. Two months in, on the basement floor of his friends house on an air mattress, Kyle told me he wanted me to have his babies one day. We always knew we wanted a family, and that family was the center of our relationship. We value family and adventure and were hoping one day to merge the two. I was fortunate to grow up traveling with my family on vacations and trips and from a young age, I knew I wanted to do the same with my babies some day. I want to take my babe to places where culture, food, and people are different from where we live to show him/her that the world is open and ready for exploring and adventure is out there, you just have to take that first step outside your door.

When we finally decided that it was time and our life needed a little babe in it, we only had a 3 month window this year to see if baby would come. And let me preface by saying that Kyle has wanted to bring a baby in the world with me since the day we got married (we made a list of baby names the month after we got married) and has been pulling at my heartstrings saying things like "Oh man, I can't wait to be a dad," and "You're going to be the best mamma to our babies," for 2.5 years. So we tried, and baby came! Now, I know it's not that easy for everyone, and let me say I see you mamma's who have experienced loss, who have tried and tried and are still trying. I see how more and more baby announcements sting and all the waiting hurts your heart. I see you. And I am sending all my love to you in this season of trying. <3

We are so blessed and are finally now feeling the magnitude of bringing a baby into our world since we've told the world! We have so many plans ahead and I can't wait to bring you along on our journey with Baby Trout. Look out for more posts on adventures ahead with our peanut, and the journey ahead with preparing for him/her to get here!

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Here are some questions we've been getting:

Will you find out if it's a boy or a girl? Nope! We think this is the best surprise of our lives, and we want to wait until Baby Trout comes out to see!

How are you going to travel with Baby Trout? We plan on taking Baby Trout with us on every adventure we go on. This babe is going to experience the world from a young age, and grow up experiencing all the things we will! We're so lucky to have family and friends that have already volunteered to come along to help, too.

How far along are you? I am ALMOST 14 weeks! And hopefully that means I get more energy back! Mamma T is a sleepy girl!

Did you surprise Kyle to tell him? I tried my HARDEST to keep it a secret (not really) but I told Kyle right when I saw the plus sign! I couldn't hold it in!

How have you been feeling? I SO appreciate everyone who has asked me this! I never knew how taxing being pregnant is! I never got morning sickness and am one lucky girl for that. But I've just been feeling tired and hungry! Naps are a daily occurrence!

I'm so excited for this next chapter in my life and to navigate the photography world with a baby in tow, and I can't wait to see Kyle as a dad. He will be the BEST daddy to our little one, and growing in our marriage together in this next step is something I wouldn't go through with anyone else in the world. We're anxiously awaiting Christmas this year!