Colt & Haddie's Adventure Engagement Session in Iceland

I cannot stop reliving this adventure engagement in Iceland over and over again in my dreams so I thought I would blog it so YOU can relive it, too!

Two summers ago, I traveled to Iceland with a kick ass couple who wanted an Adventure Engagement Session. Colt and Haddie live an adventurous lifestyle, and crave adventure in any way they can get it. They love camping the mountains, flying to different countries on whim, and finding people along the way that share the same love of adventure as they do. Colt worked for a company that gave him an opportunity to live overseas, and of course both of them jumped at the idea to live in the UK. While they were there, they decided that they wanted something DIFFERENT for their engagements, and heard Iceland was the place to go. Colt called me one night, and asked if I shoot destinations. I said, "Of course! Are you two getting married there?" He said, "No, we just want our engagements done in an amazing place!" I screamed HELL YES I'LL BE THERE and three months later Kyle and I were on a plane overseas!

Iceland is one of THE MOST gorgeous places on Earth, and I would never not recommend going there. Please, put this wondrous place on your bucket list and sign up for travel deal emails and GO. Iceland is almost like another planet in terms of the landscape. There are black sand beaches and waterfalls and mossy knolls and THE CUTEST ponies and sheep that roam everywhere! The people are insanely nice and you're BOUND to find adventure wherever you go. I've never enjoyed a beer more than after a long day of hiking behind a cascading waterfall and feeling the mist on your face, or walking two miles to see an abandoned U.S. airplane in the middle of absolutely nowhere. I COMPLETELY recommend bringing your swimsuit to take a dip in the natural hot springs and of course, bring a beer or two to share with friends while you're relaxing in there. OKAY, so I LOVE it there! And I would 1000% go back in heartbeat (hint hint) for another session or elopement!

Go peek at one of my favorite places I've ever traveled to below and comment if YOU'D ever go!!