Annie & Michael's Destination Chandler Arizona Wedding Day

Annie & Michael had a gorgeous wedding in Chandler, Arizona at San Tan Brewery. It was filled with all the love, emotion and beer you could ever think of! No but really, at this wedding I was treated like a member of the family, and I had SO much fun that I lost my voice by the end of it!

I used to live in Chandler AZ, for a short time before my hubby and I hopped on over to California for two years. I wasn't a HUGE fan of the heat and the dessert, but I was SO SO SO excited to visit San Tan Brewery again. Fun fact: the night Kyle and I got engaged, we went to San Tan to celebrate our engagement with tri-tip nachos and pineapple beer! Seriously, the BEST pineapple beer I've ever had. And I will say that Arizona feels a whole Hell of a lot nicer in December than it did in July when we lived there!

Annie & Michael had one big request, and that was that they didn't want to see each other before Annie walked down the aisle. They shared a quiet moment after they both got ready, holding hands and both on either side of the door so they couldn't see each other. You could FEEL how much love was lingering around the room. A HUGE part of their day was their little boy, Dom. He was the happiest little boy to be a part of his parents wedding day and to watch them tie the knot. I literally cried when they all three did their first dance together!

This destination wedding was seriously one of my favorites! I am SO thankful my couples want to fly me to wherever they are so I can capture the biggest days of their life!