The Adventurers Workshop :: Yosemite Adventure Elopement

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. Whenever the opportunity arises, you betcha I'll hop on a plane and go! If I could travel all over the world for the rest of my life, I would! I am SO #blessed that my job takes me to places where I otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to go.

In February, I got the opportunity to head to Northern California and drive to Yosemite from San Fransisco with 5 other girls in one vehicle (yes, we were all strangers) to an absolutely amazing workshop put on by the Hearnes and Maddie Mae. I made some amazing friends in the industry, and it's been such a treat to follow along on their adventures after the workshop through social media. It was SUCH an incredible experience, and while I was a little out of my comfort zone, I think I learned a lot more than I thought I would about my business and myself.

This workshop was centered around elopements and destination wedding photography, as well as adventurous couple shoots. It was INCREDIBLE to watch both the Hearnes and Maddie in their element and listen to them share what has been successful for them to book these epic elopements. I, myself, LOVE shooting anything destination related since sometimes it's a little mundane in the Midwest. I am so lucky to be able to have traveled to places like Iceland, Ireland, Hawaii, Arizona, California, Texas, Colorado and the Dominican for my job. It's my goal to shoot about 1-2 big destinations a year (overseas or outside of the US) along with 3-5 or so smaller destinations inside the US. The one(s) I am looking forward to the most this year are my elopement in Colorado in July, my wedding in Ireland (my fave place EVER)in August, and my engagement shoot in Joshua Tree, CA in October.

I believe that you leave a little piece of you wherever you go, and especially when you connect with a place and have an amazing experience there. I believe it can broaden your horizons (cheesey, I know) and open your mind to new people, food, activities, and culture. I am not the person who can stay put for very long, and I've diagnosed myself with "the travel bug." Sometimes it's hard being a wedding photographer in the Midwest in Iowa, there aren't any mountains or deserts or oceans that would give my sessions a gorgeous background, but I am thankful for all of my couples here in Iowa that trust me to make magic in God's country. Annnndddd I am also thankful for my couples who put their trust in me and take me along on epic adventures to an amazing destination for their wedding! Sometimes, I really do have to pinch myself that this is my JOB and I get to be a destination wedding photographer for the adventurously in love.

Go ahead and check out this adventure elopement shoot I took in Yosemite at the Adventurers Workshop!