Kassidy & Cory's Maui, Hawaii Dream Destination Wedding Day

This, by far, has to be one of my favorite wedding days. Not only because it was on Maui, Hawaii, but that Kassidy and Cory were THE MOST laid back and chill couple I have ever worked with before. These two didn't mind getting their wedding day clothes wet in the Pacific Ocean or getting covered in sand. They let the day happen how it was supposed to and MAN, it was the perfect day. If I could describe my DREAM day to shoot in, this would be it. Cloudy covered skies all day and then the sky broke open at the end of the day to the MOST BEAUTIFUL sunset I have ever seen in my entire life. No, seriously. I WISH all of you could have been with me breathing in the ocean air, feeling the sand between your toes (yes, I was barefoot most of the day), and gazing into the most vivid pink, orange and purple sky. It was heaven.

These two reached out to me about 6 months before their wedding day, not sure if I would be open to taking on a destination wedding adventure in Hawaii in the middle of Iowa's ice cold winter (LOL - all of you Midwesterner's please laugh along with me). Of course I said "HELL YES," and we set the plans into motion. I got to meet with these two in December and did a mini engagement session of them and literally fell in love with their love. These two are the sweetest little babes, and you can tell their love is instilled in God and through their hearts with His love. Meeting them made me all the more excited to capture the best day of their lives, and what better way to do that where Cory WANTED to proposed (he jumped the gun and got too excited) in Maui.

Their wedding took place on the West side of the island at the Royal Lahaina Resort in Lahaina. I have a bad habit of getting anxious before wedding days, but this one was at an all time high! I was SO excited to get started. Kassidy and Cory got ready in their rooms, and met each other for their first look under palm trees and lush greens. Kassidy was a gosh dang queen in her Grace Loves Lace dress, and made everyone shed a tear as she walked down the flower filled aisle. We has so much fun running on the beach and then sat down for dinner and speeches. Just as we were about to eat, the sky parted and out bled this gorgeous golden and pink light. We rushed back down to the beach and spent a few minutes taking it all in. Those moments are the ones that I know I'll look back on in 30 years and still remember how I felt. I felt SO grateful that those two trusted me to take their wedding day photos 2,000 miles away from where I'm based. They trusted me to be their destination wedding photographer and I am SO thankful for that.

Okay okay, I know you want to go peep these so GO GO GO. Seriously, you're in for a treat!