Baby Trout: The Second Trimester (way overdue)

I am not quite sure why this blog post has taken me until I am almost due to write, but goodness. it has! I think my Summer and Fall season got away from me, and looking back, my second trimester went by so quickly!


Throughout my second trimester, I was in the HEAT of my busy season, and I feel like I “popped” overnight. I got SO MANY comments on how much my belly grew from 22-26 weeks, and I think it was because I just looked like I had eaten a burrito up until 20 weeks. Here are a few things I learned about second trimester in pregnancy:

  • You really don’t start feeling better until 18-20 weeks. Or at least, I didn’t! I never got sick or nauseous in my first trimester (only once) but I was SO exhausted all the time. Most people think once you hit your second tri you are in the clear, but I was still tired and needing naps during the day until around 18-20 weeks.

  • Just because you don’t need a nap anymore, doesn’t mean you feel 100% like your self again. I learned this the hard way. I thought, “Hey! I feel more energy coming back to me I can do all of the things again!” And I was so wrong. Your body is STILL creating a human so even though you feel less exhausted and more like yourself, you still need to rest when you can.

  • Traveling abroad is a whole other beast while pregnant. Kyle and I shot an incredible wedding in Ireland when I was 20 weeks pregnant, and traveled with the couple and their family and friends the entire week we were there documenting the time they spent there. I THRIVE when I travel (especially abroad) it’s like I don’t need sleep and I am on top of my game ALWAYS. This was NOT the case while I was there. Unfortunately, our trip over was a bit of a disaster (no sleep and long travel times to get to where the couple was - as in, I slept for 2 hours in a total of 2 days) so it didn’t start off great in terms of resting. I tried my hardest to keep up like normal, but working an entire week with 4-5 hours of sleep a night really got to me by the end of the week. On our last day there by ourselves after we had said our goodbyes to the group and planned to explore on our own, my body said “NO THANK YOU,” and shut down. I was dehydrated and had exhaustion, and I was in bed by 7:00 PM that night. Unfortunately AGAIN, we had an awful time that night sleeping (our Airbnb was directly above a bar turned nightclub which they didn’t specify on the listing) and we had a rough flight home. I am SO THANKFUL for my husband taking care of me on that trip and bringing me snacks and food and water whenever I needed it. I totally pushed myself WAY too hard and he kept me in check and made sure Baby T and I were on the heal once we got home.

  • My skin still sucked. Yep. Everyone said it would get better in my second trimester, but NOPE, not for me! However, I did notice that using coconut oil on my shoulders, back, and chest helped TREMENDOUSLY and I should have started using it earlier. I also highly HIGHLY recommend using for skincare. I found this line randomly when watching a blogger on Instagram and she said she had terrible acne while pregnant and wanted to find something organic and safe to use and let me tell ya, this stuff works WONDERS. AND, it’s not overly expensive. I use the foaming facewash, blemish remedy, detox facemask, and the ocean mineral moisturizer. Seriously, it will help drastically!

  • People will make comments and touch your belly now. I, personally, didn’t have a problem with people touching my belly at all as long as they weren’t strangers. I had a ton of people (including friends) who were super respectful and only felt some kicks after I offered! But, when your bump starts growing and people start to see it, they will totally make comments. Thankfully, I haven’t heard a ton throughout my pregnancy, but there are some here and there that will make you roll your eyes and all you can do is smile and walk away.

  • I was nesting and didn’t even know it. I had a to-do list a MILE long, and felt like I needed to accomplish SO much. I wanted to book more shoots, host a workshop, travel more, decorate Baby T’s room, order all the furniture, get all of the baby things that I needed, and do it all before November. Did I do most of these things before Nov? Yep. And I was incredibly stressed about it and felt completely overwhelmed while trying to tackle this list. I chatted with one of my friends who has 2 babies, and it never occurred to me that I was nesting until she said so. BUT, that came with highs and lows because I would be SO motivated one day, and the next day need to lay on the couch to recover.

  • Feeling those belly kicks is one of the most wonderful things I have ever experienced. Seriously, it’s incredible. I started feeling kicks on exactly 19 weeks, and it was only really when I was laying down at first. To me, it felt like little pitter patters and definitely grew into kicks and flips throughout my second tri. Kyle was SO jealous that he couldn’t feel them at first, but he started feeling them on the outside around 22 weeks. We had our “20 week ultrasound” around 21-22 weeks, and seeing Baby T wiggling and moving around in my belly was unreal. I was just in shock and awe watching the ultrasound that this little tiny human was inside of me, and looking over towards Kyle, I saw him looking up at it too with tears steaming down his face and a sweet sweet smile. Of course, I teared up then and it’s been hard not seeing our little babe ever since! I wish I could have an ultrasound every week!

  • You think your bump is big, but it’s not. If you’re on your second or third babe, well, maybe you DO have a bigger bump, but my bump was not that big throughout my second tri. Did I feel like it was? OH YES. This is when I really started just wearing dresses and FINALLY invested in some comfy maternity jeans (Gap, Target, and Old Navy are the BEST) so I could feel comfortable. I grew out of my normal jeans around 10-12 weeks with all the bloating, so actually getting some jeans I could wear felt like heaven. I wanted to show off my bump since I felt like it was growing so much, but honestly looking back, it was still so little! To me, I felt like I was showing at 12 weeks, but to everyone else, I didn’t really start showing until 22 weeks. BUT, show your bump off and keep showing it off because it’s beautiful!

Kyle and I still can’t believe we are going to have a baby in 20 short days, and my third trimester blog post will have to come right before that! Keep following along to read the next one SOON!