What NOT to Wear: Engagement Session Edition

I recently posted a poll on Instagram and asked all of my followers to send me a few topics that they want me to blog about, and I got an OVERWHELMING response of how to dress for small sessions! So meaning, anything like an engagement, a couples session, an adventure session, etc!

I LOVE helping all of my couples with what to wear. Most of the time, most couples have NO idea where to start and let’s all agree that going to the mall is overwhelming and if you’re anything like me, you think it’s just a waste of time! Sorry, walking around for 4 hours and coming out not really finding what you wanted sounds miserable to me! Online shopping FTW!

SO, I wanted to put together a list of what NOT to wear for you session so you can look like models in your photos and not be worried if you went with the right outfit that may or may not really represent YOU.


1.) NEON IS A NO NO. Bright colors usually clash with your surroundings and unless you and your photographer have a SPECIFIC vision for your shoot, don’t grab your highlighter pink and yellow shirts! Neutral colors are a safe bet, but really think abut your surroundings and where you’re doing your shoot at and what time. Are you doing it on the beach? In the mountains? In a green shady forest? Is it happening in the morning? During golden hour at sunset? All of these things can compliment each other to set the stage for an amazing shoot.

2.) DO NOT WEAR SHOES YOU CAN’T RUN IN. But really, ladies, please please do not wear 4-5 inch heels if you know your photographer captures a lot of movement based images because this hinders the photographers creative ability to do what they do best! If you absolutely want to wear heels, wear some that you can move in like wedges or booties just in case your photographer asks you to run and jump into your partners arms. I LOVE when my couples go barefoot, especially in the summer!

3.) DO NOT WEAR TIGHT, RESTRICTIVE CLOTHING. If you are struggling with how tight your dress is and constantly adjusting so you don’t have a nip slip, you won’t be focused on just letting go and enjoying the experience with your photographer. I always recommend wearing something you’re comfortable in and not wearing something you’d normally not wear. My one thing to remember; flowy is best! If you wear a flowy gorg dress, there’s so much you can do with it! It can flow in the wind, spin around your legs if your partner picks you up, and it creates movement in your photos WHICH IS THE BEST. Also, if you’re uncomfortable, it’ll definitely show in your photos!


4.) IF IT HAS A LOGO, DON’T WEAR IT. This one’s for the boys. These photos are not going to be sponsored by Nike or Ralph Lauren, so please please do not wear shirts or pants with logos on them (again, unless it’s a super specific shoot). There is nothing more frustrating than having to edit out a logo for every single photo, or just deciding to leave it and shrugging your shoulders! Those Nike polos aren’t as dressy as you think they are, too! Go for a classic button down that compliments your other half’s outfit.

5.) TOO MUCH BLING IS TOO MUCH. If you over accessorize your outfit, you’ll be banging and clanging while you romp around in a field and it’s totally possible that it will be completely distracting. Stick to one or two of the three (earrings, bracelets, necklace) and go from there! However, hats and scarves are always welcomed and are super easy to throw on or off for specific shots.

6.) WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU, YOU. If you love hiking, wear your boots and go climb a mountain for your engagements. Love the beach? Go to the ocean and jump on in in your swim suits. Do you wear beanies and Vans and like to longboard? Sweet, wear that and let’s go find somewhere where you two can board together like the little hipsters you are. But be who you are and don’t try to dress like a couple who you’re not!


Here are some of my favorite online stores to send to my clients to order from:





I hope these little tips will help you put together the perfect outfit for your engagement/couples session/adventure session! With ALL of my couples, I love to send out a Pinterest link FULL of awesome outfits just in case they need a little extra help along the way. Finding the perfect outfit can definitely take your shoot from drab to fab, so put some thought into it and if you are STILL lost after reading this and shopping and you just don’t know what to do, ASK YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER for help! We’re always more than willing to help, promise! :)