Hi! It's me!

I grew up in the Midwest but fled to the West Coast with my hubby, Kyle, as soon as I graduated college. We have adventurous souls and knew that we needed to see more than just rolling hills and cornfields in our life. I refined and perfected my shooting and editing style while living the California lifestyle for two years. Iowa called us home, and now we're living our best life in the Midwest and traveling every chance we get. I love anything dill pickle flavored (popcorn is the best!), going on adventures and traveling the world, and taking my camera with me anywhere I go! Making others happy by capturing timeless memories is truly what makes my heart melt. 

I gravitate toward couples who are down for an adventure in any setting. Couples who aren't afraid of a little rain, love to climb mountains in their free time, and would rather be spending time at the beach than at the mall are my type of people! I love to capture those real, authentic, raw moments you'll look back on 10 years from now and still get butterflies in your tummy. I went to school for photography to be a starving artist, but shot my first wedding when a high school friend asked if I could do it. I fell in love with the way the groom looked at her like there was no one else around that day, and I've been shooting weddings ever since. I want to create lasting friendships with all of my couples even after the gallery is delivered and sent to you and I want you to place value in what I am all about.

If you're excited about any of the above and want to get a little wild, let's chat!


My own marriage is what inspires me the most. Kyle and I knew from the second day we ever spent time together that we were going to get married someday. We're just two goofs who love to make each other laugh, spend too much time oo-ing and ahh-ing over the cutest baby ever made (ours), and we keep each other on our toes with big dreams and sometimes spontaneous life decisions. I believe marriage is something sacred and special, and documenting YOUR love story is something incredible that I want to give to you.


A few of my fav things

anything dill pickle + golden sandy beaches + IPA's + snuggles on a cold winter night + traveling + tall cliffs with an ocean view + finding Craigslist deals + big smiles (especially from my baby girl)

My Travel Schedule

If you will be in any of these places when I am and want to book a session or wedding, travel fees may not apply! My travel schedule updates frequently, so check in from time to time or request that I come to your area! Reach out to book in advance!

August 29th - Sept 4th, 2019 - Seattle/Portland area


March 2020 - Arkansas

May 22nd - 29th, 2020 - Ireland

June 7th - 13th, 2020 - Colorado

August 5th - 12th, 2020 - Seattle/Portland area

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