Grace Troutman

I absolutely love making art with my camera, traveling around the world with my amazing hubby, anything Dill pickle flavored, brunch, and lazy Sunday's. I'm a goofball at heart and will always try to put a smile on anyone's face. I've lived in 4 states, and think change is always good for the soul.

What's my favorite picture? The next one I'm going to take on your big day.

I grew up in the Midwest and took delight in drawing and painting from a very young age. When I laid my hands on my first camera, I knew I had found my passion. After 4 years of Fine Art Photography, I then knew how to apply the artistic half of taking photos to my wedding photographs. I thrive off of the pure love the couples I photograph have. Making others happy by capturing timeless memories is truly what makes me happy. As for where this journey of photography is going to take me, I'd like to think that I'm working on it as we speak.